Spring Slam is a blossoming nonprofit startup that is looking to form partnerships with organizations that share the our passion for combining philanthropy with sports. Companies partnering with Spring Slam will have the opportunity to gain exposure on Northwestern's campus and maybe even play in the Evanston Tournament! We'd love for you to hop on board. If you'd like to discuss, please fill out the short introductory form below.

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I understand that Spring Slam is not liable for any injuries sustained during the tournament and that my team will forfeit any game for which we are not present at the game's scheduled time. I also understand that one representative from my team is expected to pay the team deposit on Friday, May 18th during the allotted ckeck-in time. Failure to pay the full amount required ($90 for Coporate Teams) in cash or by check will result in exclusion from future Spring Slam events. More information regarding payment methods and Check-In Day will be provided upon submission of this form.