Game Rules

Teams: Teams must have at least three players, a fourth player is optional.

Eligibility: Anyone affiliated with Northwestern University (must be able to present a Wildcard if requested) is eligible to participate. A team may only have up to one varsity basketball player.  

Substitutions: Teams can make substitutions during dead balls. 

Start: The higher-seeded team's captain will guess a number behind the referee's back, and if he/she guesses it correctly then his/her team receives the ball first. The number will be either one or two, and the losing team will start with the ball following halftime.

Scoring: 2s and 3s 

Timeouts: Each team will have one 20-second timeout per game.

Fouls: Teams fouled under two minutes will shoot 1-and-1 free throws — this applies to both shooting fouls and fouls on the floor. Fouls outside of the final two minutes will result in a re-checking of the ball.


  • First round --  12-minute halves, 2-minute halftime (HALF COURT)
  • Second round -- 12-minute halves, 2-minute halftime (HALF COURT)
  • Third round -- 12-minute halves, 2-minute halftime (HALF COURT)
  • Fourth round -- 12-minute halves, 3-minute halftime (HALF COURT)
  • Championship -- 12-minute halves, 5-minute halftime (HALF COURT)


  • Games will be supervised by a referee:
    • Referees will call fouls.
    • Referees will manage the clock, which will only stop under two minutes (for dead balls and fouls). The game will come to a halt for injuries.